BEST MEMORY FOAM SEAT CUSHION for Pain Relief, Helps ease Sciatica, Lower Back, & Coccyx Discomfort, Premium Orthopedic Tailbone Comfort Cushions for Office Chair, Airplane Seat, & Sporting Events.

BEST MEMORY FOAM SEAT CUSHION for Pain Relief, Helps ease Sciatica, Lower Back, & Coccyx Discomfort, Premium Orthopedic Tailbone Comfort Cushions for Office Chair, Airplane Seat, & Sporting Events.
  • UNLIKE OTHER MEMORY FOAM CUSHIONS – which are either too hard, too soft, slip easily off the seat or flatten down shortly after use, the Grade A Memory Foam used with Cushina makes for just the right firmness, comfort and no flattening! The specially designed Gel Base ensures that it stays in place. We understand that when your body is comfortable, you’re able to get your best work accomplished. After all, your comfort is our highest priority!
  • IT’S TIME TO GIVE YOUR REAR A BREAK… Do you sit for long periods of time working, driving, or enjoying sporting events? If so, you need to experience the better way to sit with your very own Cushina® office, auto, wheel chair, and stadium seat cushion. You will never want to leave home without it!
  • POWERFUL. PAIN RELIEF. WORTH SHARING! If you suffer from lower back pain, sciatica, pregnancy sacroiliac, spinal injuries, hemorrhoids, or coccyx pain, you have finally found a powerful solution with our innovative Cushina® office chair seat cushion! It will reduce the pressure on your tailbone and hips, and promote proper spinal alignment for a life-changing sitting experience!
  • NO MORE SLIP SLIDING AWAY! Unlike other similar cushions Cushina®’s new improved cushion design includes a non-slip gel base to make sure the cushion stays put on your seat or chair.
  • SIT ON HAPPINESS. GUARANTEED! If you don’t feel happier, more productive, and less stressed after using our Cushina® Seat Cushion, we will give you a full refund. We are confident you will love your Premium Cushina® Memory Foam Seat Cushion, or your money back! Add your Cushina® Seat Cushion to your cart today to experience the best way to sit! **Complimentary best selling eBook with every order!***

Here’s The Real Secret To Lasting Natural Back Pain Relief…

Sitting Has Never Felt So Good!

Introducing the amazing Cushina Memory Foam Seat Cushion. Now you can enjoy pure comfort while sitting on any chair, car or even a wheelchair without pain! The Cushina Memory Foam Seat Cushion works by reducing overall pressure on your tailbone, while at the same time promoting a healthy posture with proper spine alignment. This also helps prevent stubborn pressure ulcers as well!

Highly Durable and Keeps It’s Shape!
Unlike other seating pads that wear down over time, losing their shape and most of all, their support…The Cushina Memory Foam Seat Cushion is built to last! With it’s Ergonomic design and quality materials including special memory foam, it won’t flatten out when you sit on it. It’s made specifically to keep its shape in order to give you lasting relief for years to come! The unique velour cover is 100% machine washable and can be easily removed by simply using the handy zipper.

Contoured To Fit You Perfectly!
The U-shaped open slot will keep the back of your spine and tailbone from compressing against any seat. This removes ALL pressure and tension in this area to give you amazing relief! Plus, it promotes proper spine alignment of to help increase healthy circulation to the legs. The memory foam allows you to distribute your weight evenly; giving you a perfect fit every time!

Ideal Present or Gift for Father, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Grandpa or Grandma


We have no hesitation in offering a 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

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