Go Acupressure Mat | Most Effective Massage Mat for Muscle Relaxation, Neck and Back Pain Sciatica Tension Stress Relief, Better Sleep and Improved Blood Circulation | Premium Cotton and Eco Foam

Go Acupressure Mat | Most Effective Massage Mat for Muscle Relaxation, Neck and Back Pain Sciatica Tension Stress Relief, Better Sleep and Improved Blood Circulation | Premium Cotton and Eco Foam
  • THE BEST NECK AND BACK PAIN RELIEVER – This mat is equipped with 6,000 acupressure points which work in unison to give you an immediate relief from headaches, backaches, neck pains, foot pains, arthritis, joint pains, as well as muscle tension and stress.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN – Therapy Research by Dr. Zilberter in Hillsborough, North Carolina, indicates more than 95% of reduction in pain with the usage of acupressure mats. A Scandinavian study found out that acupressure relieved 90% of pain in osteoarthritis patients.
  • ANXIETY CONTROL AND BETTER SLEEP – Relaxes the entire body and induces production of endorphins and enkephalin, which are ‘happy’ hormones. Alleviates stiffness, sciatica, insomnia and improves blood circulation, thereby inducing sleep. The mat also works squarely against the stress hormone, cortisol.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS – The mat is made from 100% cotton and eco foam materials. The product has been manufactured with great attention to ensure that it feels comfortable against your skin.
  • GRAB YOURS NOW! – Go Acupressure Mat(TM) is suitable for uses in various positions and situations. Put it on your chair and sit on it while working or place it below your feet or lie on it on your back-it’s so flexible! ORDER NOW and feel the best results with us. [Tags: sleep foam back pain sciatica pain relief treatment back pain remedy pain relief back back pain solutions back pain supplements back pain massage pain relief for back acupressure weight loss]

Go Acupressure Mat(TM)

Are you experiencing bad headaches, back pains or neck pains?
Can’t sleep well at night?
Your muscles feel stiff?

Worry no more as we have the answer for you! Go Acupressure Mat(TM) is the best solution to all your body pains. Find out what it’s got to offer:

+ 6,000 ACUPRESSURE POINTS that act on the nerves and stimulate the production of stress relieving hormones
+ POWERFUL MUSCLE RELAXER AND PAIN RELIEVER that helps with your neck, back, joint pains, sciatica, headaches, and other muscle tension and stress
+ IMPROVE BLOOD CIRCULATION to induce relaxation and give you the best sleep
+ PREMIUM COTTON AND ECO FOAM MATERIALS for the best results and your ultimate comfort

How to use the wonderful pain reliever Go Acupressure Mat(TM)
> Put it on your chair while sitting to massage against your back and bottom.
> Alternatively, you can place it below your feet to relax them.
> The mat can be rolled into a pillow as an excellent neck pain reliever too.
> For the best sleep sessions, sleep on the mat.

Limited product, so grab it fast!

Safety Information: Keep away from children under 18. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with heart disease, blood pressure conditions, coagulation problems, diabetes, skin problems, epilepsy, or if you have open wounds or undergoing any kinds of medical treatment.

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