YiGangQianHui’s 3D Shiatsu Massage Pillow,Multi-Usage Pillow With Heat Balls,Fix on Seat or Other Places

YiGangQianHui's 3D Shiatsu Massage Pillow,Multi-Usage Pillow With Heat Balls,Fix on Seat or Other Places
  • Versatile use for the neck,shoulders,back,legs and hips,to relax for where you want
  • Equipped with Overheat Protection Device & programmed with 20-minute Auto Shut-Off to ensure safety(approved power adaptor works in both home’s and car’s)
  • 4 Massage head,Two big and small,For the design of cervical vertebra,The simulation technique.The Elastic Tape can be fix on vary kinds of place
  • Specially designed 3D counter-rotating balls deeply penetrate your tissues and muscles, mimicking the vigorous kneading and penetration of a real massage therapist hands. Relieves pain, aches, tension and knots. Calms and reinvigorates you whether you’re in your chair at home, sitting at your desk at work or even while commuting in your car
  • Sandwich mesh Design,and four balls with heat achieve the effect of head massage to help relieve brain fatigue, vigor

Our product has a high reputation in the field.It’s high quality and safety.Suitable for all kinds of people.Particularly oriented towards students,drivers white-collar workers,the age and the customers with needs.Most all of us have had low back pain,cervical pain and other pain experience,this and our carrer,carrer and work habits change related. The product can make you get anesis.
Why do we need to massage our body?
1.Help you get the best sleep.
2.Improve your functioning capabilities.
3.Adjust navel and stomach,promote endocrinopathy´╝îremove constipation.
4.Help bolster a person’s immune system,burn excess blubber,and ease anxiety.
5.Relax tendons activate blood.
It’s a Good Choice of gift for you to present others,parents,wife and friends.Get easy for spa at home.You can get a relaxing massage right in your office and even anywhere if you like. You can secure the massage pillow to your favorite chair.Its ergonomic design fits perfectly in the small of your back and neck while 4 deep-kneading rotating to relieve aches, tension, knots, and stress.The Heating function adds comfort and helps you relax by promoting blood circulation.Qianhui’s Pillow is equipped with an Overheat Protection Device and is programmed with 20-minute Auto Shut-Off to ensure safety.
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